A Comau robot positions the glowing semifinished workpiece in the forming die for San Grato SpA

A Comau robot positions the glowing, semi-finished workpiece in the forming die for San Grato SpA.

Closed-Die Forming… Fully Robotized

A high-volume auto parts manufacturer finds greater productivity and ingenuity with a series of devices to handle hot workpieces, reliably and efficiently Step-by-step automation Listing the advantages Commitment and confidence

Fully automated production is a manufacturing concept that many forgers and others find hard to imagine: their work is too specific and sensitive to be programmed, they contend, or the working conditions are too extreme to expect robots to perform reliably there. But, two plants operated by a producer of closed-die forgings for automotive and heavy machinery buyers, are demonstrating that “complete robotization” not only is possible — it makes critical operations more reliable and impro

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