The horizontal version of Thielenhaus Technologiesrsquo CrankStar belt finishing machine developed for finishing large crankshafts

The horizontal version of Thielenhaus Technologies’ CrankStar belt finishing machine, developed for finishing large crankshafts.

Expanding the Possibilities for Microfinishing Crankshafts

A precision machine tool builder developed a special tape contact shoe that helps achieve the same surface quality on crankshaft journals and radii. Heavy loads on the bearing radii Managing handling, cycle times, tolerances, variations, and machining tasks Pneumatics for counterbalance

Machine tools are not designed for forgers, necessarily, but perhaps they should be so: According to the 2017 FORGING Business Outlook Survey, 22.6% of North American forging operations plan to invest in new finish machining capability during the current year. Forgers know the value that finish machining may represent to their engineered products.

One common understanding that machine too

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