Highvolume highcomplexity finishing is supported by integrated automation systems as shown on this EMAG vertical turning system

High-volume, high-complexity finishing is supported by integrated automation systems, as shown on this EMAG vertical turning system.

Finding a Way to Finish Strong

For automotive components, or any forging, selecting machining technology presents an opportunity for forgers to extend their operating processes into a new stage of precision production.  Vertical turning emerging Precision gear-honing Heavy-duty high precision

A forged part may be described as ‘precise’ or ‘near-net shape’, but it’s never finished unless its trimmed or surface-treated, or especially, machined. The scope of machining is itself a vast subject, but from the perspective of forging operations it is a final, value-adding step to the main production process. Whether the forged parts are wheels, gears, turbine blades, or large structural elements, the finish machining has to be reliable and efficient.

Depending on the typ

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