12,000-Ton Mechanical Forge Press Recommission Complete

TECT Power project complete after 13 months

The comprehensive rebuild of a 12,000-ton mechanical forge press at the TECT Power Euclid, OH facility was completed in January. The press, used to manufacture airfoils, metal leading edges, and other forgings, will now allow the company to produce more "power and precision than ever before."

The Euclid facility supplies forgings to the aerospace, power generation, and medical industries. The recommissioned press is one of the largest of its type in the country, and was upgraded with improvements to the bolsters, crankshaft, hydraulics, and electrical systems. The project began in December 2009.

With 90 full-time employees and approximately 25 forging presses ranging from 500 to 1,200 tons, TECT Power was able to continue at a 'business as usual" level throughout the project. "We are fortunate to have a talented workforce that was committed to consistently provide outstanding services to customers during the press rebuild," said general manager Patrick Burke. "This demonstrated TECT Power's ability to maintain industry-leading quality and delivery in a challenging manufacturing environment."

TECT Power has four other forging plants in the U.S.: Newington, CT; Utica, NY; Santa Fe Springs, CA; and Thomasville, GA. In addition to precision, oversize, hybrid, upset, extrusion, and closed-die forging capabilities, the company also has a proprietary computer-based forge die design system capable of translating customer data into forge die geometries. All die manufacturing is done in-house.

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