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AAM Starts New Order Programs

Projects demonstrate international reach

American Axle & Manufacturing reports it has been awarded new contracts totaling over $63 million, including orders for forgings, machined transmission components, "new technology forgings with net-formed splines and features," and closed-die flashless forgings. All of these orders are included in the $1 billion of bookings AAM reported earlier this month.

Some of the new programs began launching last year, while others will be initiated through 2006.

According to AAM Metal Formed Products division president Rick Dauch, "This new business represents an international expansion of our customer base, as well as the first application of new metal-formed products technology."

Dauch continued: "Components will be shipped to multiple OEMs in the U.S.A., as well as European and Asian customers. The fact that four of our forged and machined components will be exported from one of our facilities in the United States to a European customer, confirms the world-class competitiveness of our products. We plan to build on these important new customer relationships by introducing a wider range of our metal-forming capabilities and value-added product offerings to these markets in the future."

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