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Alcoa Showcases Forged Wide-Base Commercial Vehicle Wheels

Use contributes to 3 to 7 percent fuel savings.

Alcoa Wheel Products recently showcased and presented its fuel savings solutions during the recent Efficient Diesel Workshop, sponsored by the Columbia Williamette Clean Cities Coalition in Portland, OR. The workshop educated attendees on how to save fuel and money with efficient technologies, incentives and financial programs for their commercial vehicles.

Alcoa highlighted its 14-in., wide-based aluminum wheel which at only 71 lb provides significant weight savings while still delivering a maximum load rating of 12,800 lb.

A set of 14-inch wheels used in conjunction with super-single tires can save over 300 lb per axle as compared to dual sets of steel wheels and tires, thus providing more than 1200 lb in weight savings. Alcoa officials reported that through the use of these wheel and tire combinations fleets have experienced fuel savings in the range of 3 to 7 percent.

"At this time, fuel savings is a goal many are trying to achieve," said Curtis Samford, Alcoa Wheel Products' global vice president of marketing. "Through products and technologies such as this and others that we offer, Alcoa continues to reinforce our commitment to the environment by providing our customers and the markets we serve with unique and innovative options to reduce weight, emissions, and fuel costs."

Benefits of the Alcoa 14-inch wide based wheel include:

  • Lighter weight wheels
  • 3 to 7 percent fuel savings possible
  • Easier maintenance with fewer wheels and no inside duals
  • Requires lower PSI for better pavement life, ride comfort and stability
  • 4 drive/trailer wheels versus 8 drive/trailer wheels
  • No inner duals to check proper air inflation
  • Valve stems easily accessible without inner duals
  • Visual identification of under inflation easier without inner duals
  • Better accessibility to vehicle for inspection
  • Better air flow across hub and brake assembly reducing heat

Alcoa Wheel Products is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and employs more than 2,000 associates in seven locations globally. The Alcoa business unit manufactures cast and forged aluminum wheels for the heavy truck, automotive, and motorcycle industries. For more information, visit .

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