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American Axle & Manufacturing Contracts with Houghton for Fluid Management

Aim is to reduce industrial fluids usage and associated costs.

Houghton Fluidcare, a division of Houghton International, has been selected by American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc. (AAM) to provide a comprehensive chemical management program to reduce industrial fluids usage and associated costs.

According to the three-year agreement, Houghton Fluidcare will manage all chemicals used at AAM facilities in Three Rivers, Michigan and Guanajuato, Mexico. Houghton's specialists will manage the procurement, inventory, delivery, and use of chemicals and commodity raw materials at both facilities.

As part of the Fluidcare program, AAM will have access to Houghto-Trend, Houghton's proprietary web-based tracking system for monitoring and trending fluid usage and performance. Houghto-Trend provides up-to-the minute statistics for all fluids used in the plant, enabling faster, more informed decision making; better inventory management; simpler waste management; and other operational benefits.

The AAM facilities in Guanajuato include Guanajuato Gear & Axle and Guanajuato Forge.

For more information from Houghton, visit .

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