Bonney Forge Orders Billet-Heating System

Ajax Tocco supplying 1,125-kW unit

Bonney Forge, Mount Union, PA, has placed a contract for a new 1,125-kW induction billet-heating system with Ajax Tocco Magnethermic. ATM describes the system as having a 1-kHz, Pacer II power supply; Vibratory Bowl with 180° inclined vibratory in feed track; pinch rol- driven fixture; under-the-coil capacitor bank substructure; automatic coil shuttle; and two coil sets with three coils each.

Two sets of “AIH” open-style coils to cover the complete range of billets (1.69 to 6.00 in. OD) are interchangeable within each set, and these are connected in a “PPP” configuration.

Among the special features of the system are the Pacer II’s wide conductance technology and the automatic Coil Shuttle that changes over the coil sets in 5-10 minutes via specialized power contactors.

An Allen Bradley PLC will power the unit’s Forgeview Controls, including quality assurance devices.

ATM will test the new billet-heater at its Warren, OH, workshop before installing and starting it up in the second half of this year.

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