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ChinaForge Fair Planned in Beijing, Nov. 20-22

… to cover forgings, forging equipment, tooling and technology

February 13, 2007 — The Confederation of Chines Metalforming Industry is planning ChinaForge Fair 2007, a trade show and conference to be held November 20-22, in Beijing at the China International Exhibition Center.

Joining CCMI in sponsoring the event are the Japan Forming Machinery Assn., Japan Materials Process Technology Center, the Japan Metal Stamping Assn., and the Japan Forging Assn.

ChinaForge Fair will cover forging products, forging equipment and auxiliary systems, automation, consulting services, forging tooling, and tooling materials and technology. Other areas of interest to be covered will be forging and heat-treating furnaces, and energy-saving technologies, import/export services, and various other subjects.

There will be 10 reports from representatives of related associations, institutes, and universities, and 30 presentations by various manufacturing companies. Plant visits to automakers, stamping, sheet forming, and forging operations.

The event will be staged concurrently with the MetalForm China Conference 2007.

For more details, contact Lucy Han, director of International Exhibition & Conference Dept. for ChinaForge, Tel. 86-10-6846-5045; or visit /

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