Conbraco Completes Sale Of RP&C Division

Bonney Forge purchases forged steel valve supplier.

Conbraco Industries, Inc., Matthews, NC, has announced that it has completed the sale of its RP&C forged steel valve division to Bonney Forge Corp., Mt. Union, PA.

Glenn Mosack, president of Conbraco, said that he is pleased that the RP&C brand will continue in the market. "RP&C has been an important name in forged steel valves since the late 1800s," he noted. "RP&C and Bonney Forge have similar product lines and both are well respected in the industries they serve, so this acquisition should greatly enhance their market position."

The RP&C sales office, as well as all inventory, will move to Bonney Forge headquarters in Pennsylvania. All sales inquiries should be directed there to Marlene Jenkins at (888) 231-0655.

Conbraco will do everything possible to honor all its current RP&C orders, and will work closely with Bonney Forge to make the transition as easy as possible for RP&C customers.

Founded in 1928, Conbraco is one of the world's leading manufacturers of cast steel and bronze valves for industrial and commercial uses. The sale of the RP&C Division will allow the company to focus more on growing this core business.

Conbraco Industries manufactures Apollo ball valves and actuators as well as a complete line of valves for commercial plumbing, heating and backflow prevention applications. The company's broad line of pipeline strainers, some of which were previously sold under the RP&C brand, will all now be offered under the Apollo name.

Questions or concerns regarding the sale should be directed to Mike Green at Conbraco by phone at (704) 841-6039 or by e-mail to [email protected]

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