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Dan Lazar Forms Forging Equipment Sales Organization

Represents Bemcor, Ficep, and other equipment builders

J. Dan Lazar, formerly with Bemcor Inc., has established Lazar Sales, a sales organization based in Hammond, IN, that has taken over the forging equipment sales of Bemcor Inc. Lazar Sales is now selling the Ficep Forging Equipment as well as Bemcor Slugger Shears, Maestri Aluminum & Brass Furnaces, CarLaS Reducer Rolls and CEMSA Electric Upsetters. He can be contacted by telephone at phone 219-718-6722 and by e-mail at [email protected]

In making the announcement to Forging, Lazar explained, “I am still associated with Bemcor as a board member and I sell the Bemcor products but we have separated the overhead of the machine tools sales into the separate organization, Lazar Sales.”

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