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Dylon Develops New Synthetic Forging Lubricant

New water-based product is rated as heavy-duty

Dylon Industries has developed Grade FW-3857, a heavy-duty, low-temperature synthetic ferrous forging lubricant that is said to be a technical breakthrough. It reportedly outperforms other synthetics, as well as graphite-based lubricant systems.

According to Dylon officials, the chemistry involved with FW-3857 is completely different from previous synthetic ferrous lubricants. It is specially formulated to provide a highly lubricious coating on dies that are normally in the 170° to 500°F (76° to 260°C) range.It contains proprietary organic components, binders, and extreme pressure additives that combine to yield “an exceptionally efficient” ferrous forging lubricant. Using the new lubricant is said to offer many benefits, including better definition of fine details, increased die life, superior fill, all without the usual fumes or gasses associated with other synthetics or non-synthetic lubricants.

Grade FW-3857 is designed to dilute easily with water, even hard water. Dilution ratios depend on the severity of the job but are usually 6:1 (six parts water to one part concentrate) or greater.

Best results are obtained when the diluted Grade FW-3857 is sprayed by conventional methods. Spraying is highly recommended because it produces the most uniform coatings and better control of metal movement.

Request more information on Grade FW-3857 and a free brochure featuring Dylon’s synthetic water-based and oil-based forging lubricants via e-mail at [email protected] .

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