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FDMC at Forge Fair

Presence to include booth and presentations.

The Forging Defense Manufacturing Consortium will have a major presence at the 2006 Forge Fair in Cincinnati on April 4-6.

FDMC has invited forging customers from the Department of Defense to be present in Booth No. 149 during the exhibition. Representatives of the Defense Logistics Agency, the Army, and the Air Force are expected.

In addition, FDMC will present an update entitled “FDMC Pro-Fast Status” in which several of its activities will be discussed, including Job Shop Lean, the National Tooling Database, Dynamic Partnering, Pro-Forge, and Forge-It. The presentation will also explore the status of government procurement of forgings.

Three partners with FDMC——RSP Tooling, Scientific Forming Technologies Corp., and Plexus Systems——will have booths adjacent to FDMC and will also make presentations.

FDMC's website is at For details on Forge Fair 2006 go to

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