FDMC Sets Two Jobshop Lean Seminars

Scheduled for Chicago and Los Angeles

When the Forging Defense Manufacturing Consortium scheduled a one-day Jobshop Lean orkshop for Cleveland in February, it found that it was so popular that it had to schedule a second day to accept all interested attendees.

Based on that expression of interest by the forging industry, FCMC has scheduled two more Jobshop Lean Workshops. One will be held Aug. 3 in Chicago and the other will be held Aug. 5 in Los Angeles.

In an overview of Lean Manufacturing, Shahrukh Irani, OSU, will answer several questions: What is Lean Manufacturing? What are the Seven Types of Waste in any Manufacturing System? What is the 5-step Process for Implementation of Lean Manufacturing?

He also will discuss enabler strategies for implementation of lean manufacturing, and differences between Toyota LEAN and Jobshop LEAN, how to use PFAST and value network mapping in JobShop Lean and integration of theory of constraints and lean thinking in a custom forge shop.

Other presenters include Richard Rooker, Green Bay Drop Forge, “LEAN: Up Close and Personal”, Sharon Hale, Jorgensen Forge, “Implementing Lean Manufacturing in a Custom Forge Shop, George Schriver, Pratt & Whitney AutoAir Inc., “4000 Part Numbers, Lot Sizes of One, Bill Kirchmeir, Data Based Systems, “Finite Capacity Scheduling (FCS) for Jobshops” and Mark Symonds, Plexus Systems, “Utilizing an ERP/FCS System for JIT Shopfloor Control in a Custom Forge Shop,” and Shardul Phadnis, Russell William Ltd, “Application of TOC and Drum-Buffer-Rope Scheduling to a High-Mix Low Volume Manufacturing Environment.”

Each workshop will conclude with a forum discussion on “Challenges, Opportunities and Successful Strategies for Deployment of JSLEAN in Custom Forge Shops,” chaired by Doug Brown, Inductotherm Industries.

For workshop details and to register, go to http://fdmc.aticorp.org/jobshoplean/agenda.html

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