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FIA Employee Safety Perception Survey

The FIA Employee Safety Perception Survey is designed to benchmark the current state of a company's safety culture, and identify and prioritize the safety processes and issues that employees feel need the most improvement. It focuses on the following areas, and more general view sof your company's safety culture: management buy-in to a culture of safety; effectiveness of current safety programs; level of employees' willingness to open up to, and work with, management regarding safety issues; and employees' level of concern for safety.

Survey results will identify and prioritize problem areas, increase employee involvement, awareness, and responsibility in safety programs, raise employee morale, establish an early-warning system, expedite problem solving and program improvement, validate management decisions, and establish baseline measures for future re-survey comparison.

Any company that values promoting a culture of safety within its organization should participate. The survey and a full report is offered free to FIA member companies. Survey and Reporting Forms will be mailed to participating companies, on CD, starting in September 2007. A confidential, personalized report will be developed for each participating company, showing that company's responses, and their positioning with the group aggregate of all responding companies. Individual company responses will not be published.

For more details, call George Layne at tel. 216-781-6260, or via email at [email protected]

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