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FIA Reports 2010 Custom Forging Shipments

FIA Reports 2010 Custom Forging Shipments

Impression-die forging holds largest share of expanding market

The Forging Industry Association reports that domestic custom forging shipments in 2010 totaled more than $8 billion, based on data collected from its member companies. The FIA’s annual report of industry sales represents the output of companies that produced roughly 92% of the total custom forging sales last year, though the data is adjusted to represent 100% of all custom-forging shipments.

The figures do not include forgings produced by captive manufacturing operations, nor do they include cold forging production.

Custom Impression-Die Forging
The highest-value segment of the custom forging market is impression-die forging, with total 2010 shipments increasing 11% over 2009, to $5,287,811,000 from ($4,782,405,000.

FIA reported that 2010 orders for custom impression-die forgings rose 42% to $5,805,934,000 from $4,091,747,000.

Aerospace forgings (engines, aircraft parts, auxiliary equipment, and guided missiles and space vehicles) were the largest percentage of impression-die forging sales in 2010, representing 31.1% of the market. That share was a decline from the 2009 aerospace market share, revised to 39.8%. (Annual shipments of impression-die forgings according to market share for 2009 were adjusted after the initial publication to reflect updated information.)

Automotive forgings (passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs) were the second-largest component of the impression-die segment, with 31.1% of the market in 2010, down from the revised 39.8%(2009) and 33.6% (2008) in the two previous years.

Custom Open-Die Forging
Shipments of custom open-die forgings increased 7% to $1,65,606,000 in 2010, from $1,568,296,000 in 2009.

Bookings for open-die forgings also rose last year, up 37% to $1,777,831,000 from $1,299,885,000 in 2009.

Construction, mining, and material-handling equipment maintained the largest market for open-die forgings last year, increasing the market share to 22% of the total sector from 19.7% in 2009.

Aircraft and aircraft parts increased to 8.1% of the market to hold the second spot in market share, the same it held for 2009 but a drop from the 9.4% market share it held in 2008.

Custom Seamless Rolled-Ring Forging
Shipments of custom-forged seamless rolled rings dropped 3% to $1,258,416,000 in 2010, from $1,298,151,000 in 2009. Bookings of seamless rolled rings rose 33%, however, to $1,331,309,000 from $999,946,000 in 2009.

The majority of seamless rolled-ring forgings produced in 2010 were aerospace engine parts, representing just over half (50.1%) of the total market segment, though that indicated a drop in market share for aerospace parts from 55% in 2009.

Ball and roller bearings increased its share of seamless rolled-rings segment to hold second place with 7.8%, up from the 4.9% reported in 2009 and the 7.3% in 2008.

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