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Macsteel Mini-mill Getting $38-million Expansion

Bar turning line, straightening and testing lines, heat-treating furnaces

Quanex Corp. has announced plans for a multi-stage capital improvement program for its MACSTEEL division, a SBQ steelmaker.

Directors of the steelmaker approved Phase 9 of the program, a $38-million project for the MACSTEEL Monroe operation in Monroe, MI.

Phase 9 will include a MACPLUS bar turning line, straightening and testing lines, and heat-treating furnaces, all to be housed in a new building. The expansion is expected to be completed by December 2006, and will improve productivity and enhance customer service, Quanex stated.

Raymond Jean, Quanex chairman and CEO, said: "Customer demand, for additional value added products and services produced specifically by MACSTEEL, continues to grow. This project will allow us to better serve customers by providing them with the highest quality product produced by state-of-the-art equipment and delivered on a more timely basis."

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