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MacSteel Taps Core for Heating Furnaces

Two STC furnaces, and a roller-hearth furnace upgrade

Core Furnace Systems Corp., Pittsburgh, has been chosen by Macsteel to supply two Short-Time Cycle furnaces on a turnkey basis, and to modernize a roller-hearth furnace, at the SBQ producer's Monroe, MI, mini-mill.

Earlier this year Macsteel announced a $38-million improvement program at that site, specifying plans for bar-turning, straightening, and testing lines, and heat-treating furnaces. The Monroe plant was acquired by Macsteel's parent Quanex Corp. from the former North Star Steel in 2003.

The 30-ton batch STC furnaces with transfer car and stock tables will be used to spherodize and anneal bar products. Core will design and supply the furnace controls and automation package, including EnCORE Level 1 and Level 2 systems.

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