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Metaldyne Supplies Machined Connecting Rod Assemblies for Hyundai

For new Lambda engine for the Sonata.

Metaldyne has launched Phase One production of fully machined powder metal connecting rod assemblies for Hyundai's new 3.3-liter Lambda engines. The engines are produced at Hyundai's new assembly plant in Montgomery, Ala. for the 2005 Sonata.

The powder metal connecting rods are forged and machined at Metaldyne's Sintered Products facility in North Vernon, IN. In addition, Metaldyne North Vernon will begin Phase Two of production in November and will ship connecting rods directly to Korea for the 3.3-liter and 3.8-liter Lambda engines that will be produced at Hyundai's Asan plant.

"Metaldyne has always been a leader in powder metal connecting rod technology, and here we are taking that one step further by providing a fully machined connecting rod assembly that adds value to our customer's global engine program," said Tim Leuliette, Metaldyne's chairman, president and CEO. "This clearly demonstrates Metaldyne's vision of delivering more value-added assemblies and modules for its growing global customer base."

This contract marks a growing trend by automakers toward outsourcing more complex assemblies and modules to suppliers. In the past, Metaldyne supplied the powder metal forged connecting rods and OEMs performed the machining and assembly operations. Metaldyne's fully machined connecting rod assembly offers increased value by eliminating significant investment costs for the customer while delivering a lighter, stronger product.

Headquartered in Plymouth, Mich., Metaldyne has annual revenues of approximately $2.0 billion. The company employs over 7,500 employees at 45 facilities in 14 countries.

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