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Mller Weingarten Aims to Develop Service Activities in North America

Recently purchased BCN Inc. is key.

The Supervisory Board and Board of Management of Mller Weingarten is moving to expand the company’s service activities in North America. It recently purchased BCN Inc. in Hastings, MI, with its workforce of 60 and annual sales of close to $20 million. BCN is an acronym for the press equipment it services, namely Bliss, Clearing, and Niagara.

The aim of the acquisition is to expand service activities in North America and Europe, which together generated an order intake approaching 100 million for the first time in fiscal year 2005. Mller Weingarten officials also expect the new acquisition to have a positive impact on the company's new-machine business, since it will provide a gateway to new customers. The company's North American subsidiary has its website at

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