Mlller Weingarten to Build World’s "Most Modern Forging Line"

Plant will produce crankshafts, front axles

Germany’s Mlller Weingarten reports that its Forging Business Unit has been contract to build a new forging line to produce large crankshafts and front axles for heavy-duty trucks and track vehicles at Machinery Factory No.1 in Baotou, China. The company says its design will be "the most modern forging line in the world."

The core of the new installation will be a PZS 900 spindle press with a die-to-die blow force of 16,000 metric tons. The press will weigh 900 metric tons, and is to be driven by three-phase asynchronous motor with a high-permit starting frequency.

Mlller Weingarten developed the drive system that transferes torque from the drive motor without intermediate links, wearing parts, or losses. "It is charachterized by its particular robustness, high level of operational reliability, ease of maintenance, and efficiency," the builder says.

Mlller Weingarten also will manage the project, build the dies, and design the automation system and its interfaces to the existing presses. Installation and start-up are scheduled for late 2007.

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