Morgan Adding Equipment to Timken Latrobe Project

Mechanized handling system for three-high reversing stand

Morgan Construction Co. has been contracted to supply a mechanized handling system for the bar mill modernization project at Timken Latrobe Steel Co., in Latrobe, PA.

The project involves installing a four-stand, 500-mm reducing/sizing block, and updating the existing 370-mm and 290-mm three-roll blocks. The latter effort will eliminate the mill's two-high stands from No. 5 to No. 13. It will be carried out and started up next year.

According to bar mill sales manager Pradip Ghosh, Morgan will be supplying new tilting tables with manipulators for the three-high reversing stand. The project includes the design and supply of mechanical and electrical equipment with Morgan’s process control system.

"When the upgrade is fully operational," Ghosh said, "the mill will increase output by approximately 25 percent and will substantially improve the quality and reliability." He added, "The bar and coil (rod) mill produces niche specialty grades including steel-, nickel-, and titanium-based alloys in sizes from 5.5 mm to 75 mm."

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