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New Processing Distribution Center for Stainless Bar

Ugitech promises better replacement time, product value

November 10, 2006 — Ugitech USA will build a new steel bar processing and distribution facility in Batavia, IL., the first major expansion of the organization since being acquired last summer by the growing European long-products organization, Schmolz + Bickenbach.

No cost was announced for the greenfield project, but it's planned to begin processing in the latter half of 2007. The operation will process two proprietary products, the Ugima XL stainless machining grades and SMQ (screw machine quality) bar. Ugitech USA president and CEO Daniel O'Donnell states: "This new bar processing and distribution facility will significantly improve our material replacement time and offer additional value-added services to our customers."

Ugitech USA is the North American distribution arm of Ugitech, the stainless and nickel-alloy division of Schmolz + Bickenbach. The latter firm, headquartered in Dsseldorf, bought the stainless long-products division of Arcelor S.A. last spring the course of Arcelor's defense against Mittal Steel's takeover.

Ugitech USA already operates a distribution center in Batavia, as well as in Brea, CA, Hartsville, SC, Houston, and Mahwah, NJ. Its range of products includes bars, wire, wire rod, and CHQ wire.

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