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Ohio Star Forge Purchases Hatebur Forging System

To go into operation in Q1 2006

Ohio Star Forge, Warren, OH, a division of Japan's Daido Steel, has ordered a Hotmatic AMP 50 XL forging system from Hatebur Metalforming Equipment Ltd in Basle, Switzerland.

The Hotmatic AMP 50 XL is designed to produce parts weighing from 170 to 2000 g at rates up to 100 parts per minute. It can produce parts with an outer diameter up to 104 mm. The maximum starting bar diameter is 55 mm.

The AMP 50 XL has one shearing station and four forming stations. The shearing station shears off a section from heated bar stock, which is then formed in the four forming stations. Typically, Station 1 does the preforming, Stations 2 and 3 the main forming, and Station 4 the finish forming, piercing, trimming, or calibration.

Ohio Star Forge was established in 1989 to serve mainly the Japanese automotive transplant market. Since that time, it has gained market share in serving the domestic auto manufacturers.

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