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Plexus Systems Announces Tooling Management Software

Online system tracks tooling for manufacturers.

Plexus Systems, Auburn Hills, MI, has announced the release of a new Tooling Management software solution. Plexus Online Tooling Management is a complete set of simple to use, integrated modules exclusively for tool tracking in manufacturing operations.

With Plexus Online Tooling Management, tool managers can keep track of an unlimited number of individual forming tools in terms of their location, tool life, configuration, release level, and all other information needed to reduce cost while improving productivity. When a tool needs to be re-worked or new tools ordered, Plexus Online Tooling Management tracks purchase orders, drawings, status, shipments, receipt and costs to effectively control tool inventory.

Discussing one Plexus automotive forging customer currently using Plexus Online Tooling Management, Jane Warner, president of Plexus Systems said: “Before Plexus, this company used many separate databases containing redundant information which had to be loaded through spreadsheets. They lost track of inventory and spent large blocks of time finding the right tools to set up production schedules. Now, with a fully integrated system, inventory is accurate, real-time, and production scheduling is a snap.”

In addition to the automotive supplier community, Plexus Systems has been part of a team of organizations collaborating to support the Defense Logistics Agency’s National Forging Tooling database (NFTD) project. Plexus Online® Tooling Management enables defense industry forging companies to organize, track and upload tooling data to the NFTD.

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