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Republic Engineered Products Orders a HotEye RSB System

System Destined for Lorain Mill

OG Technologies, Inc. (OGT) of Ann Arbor, MI, has announced that Republic Engineered Products has ordered a HotEye RSB system for its rod mill in Lorain, Ohio. The HotEye RSB system will be installed after a Morgan RSM mill to inspect rods ranging from 5 to 24 mm. The system is scheduled to be delivered and installed in the second quarter of 2007. Commercial operation is expected in the beginning of the third quarter of 2007.

The HotEye RSB system is an in-line, non-contact surface inspection system. It is based on OGT’s patented, proprietary technology. HotEye RSB automatically inspects the entire surface of a rod, bar, or billet, detecting surface defects as small as 25 micrometers in critical dimension. The system provides a report identifying the type, size, severity, and location of each surface defect as well as an image of the surface defect.

The HotEye RSB systems have been used in bar mills for process control, mill setup monitoring and product quality assurance with evidence of proven benefits.

For more information on the HotEye RSB, please contact Terry Liddy, president at (734) 973-7500 or [email protected]

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