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Steel Industries Announces $8-Million Expansion

Adds heat treating, additional CNC machining, and other equipment.

Steel Industries Inc., an Ameri-Forge Group Company, has announced an $8-million capital expansion for 2005-2006. The open die forging and seamless rolled ring manufacturer located near Detroit will purchase land and buildings in the vicinity of their current manufacturing facilities. A new state-of-the-art heat-treating complex, additional CNC machining equipment and other ancillary processing equipment are being added.

With nearly a century of history, the Redford Township open die forging and seamless rolled ring producer offers heat treating and rough machining for all forged shapes and sizes it manufacturers. It serves the power generation, oil and gas, industrial machinery, machine tool, mining, construction, and transportation industries. The company recently offered a new video CD, describing its capabilities and services.

The company’s website is at

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