Timken Extends Rolled-Bar Product Range

Part of drive to deliver "solutions tailored to our customers' growing needs"

March 7, 2008 — The Timken Co. reports that for the second time in 12 months it has expanded its offerings in carbon and alloy steel round bars, to include products with a maximum diameter of 15 in. Last June, Timken expanded the product range to a maximum diameter of 13 in.

The Canton, OH, specialty steel bar producer now claims to be the only U.S. manufacturer of 13-, 14-, and 15-inch round bars, which it supplies in lengths up to 27, 23, and 20 feet, respectively. In January, Timken also announced a $60-million project to expand its production capabilities for smaller bars, down to 1 in. diameters.

Rick Brown, Timken Steel Group's director of advanced product and new business development, states: "The technological advancements that make this new 15-inch product line possible are part of our strategy to bring new and differentiated product solutions aimed at improving our customers' performance. These larger-diameter, longer bars help reduce handling by our customers and are part of our drive to continually deliver dynamic steel solutions tailored to our customers' growing needs."

Rolled bar is used to manufacture products that include rolled rings, forgings, gears, bearings and valves.

Timken says it developed the rolled bar line for specific applications, and that its customers appreciate it because their manufacturing processes call for bars with a consistent diameter along the length of the product, which improves cutting of tight multiple weights significantly versus other products, such as cast ingots.

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