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Timken Latrobe to Modernize Continuous Mill

Better quality specialty, stainless products

Timken Latrobe Steel plans to modernize its continuous bar/wire mill by next year, in a project aimed at improving plant productivity and product quality. Timken Latrobe, Latrobe, PA, is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Timken Co., Canton, OH.

The company did not detail the cost of the project, nor the timetable, though it said the modernization would be completed in 2004.

The aim is to produce materials that are "substantially free of decarburization," Timken said in a release. The higher-quality products are seen competing globally in more specialty metals and stainless steel markets than Timken Latrobe reaches now.

"The quality and productivity improvements to the rolling mill will enhance our unique capabilities for rolling specialty steels and other materials that require low reductions, slow speeds and smaller volumes for niche markets," stated Hans J. Sack, president of Timken Latrobe.

He continued: "We will also be able to manufacture product to closer tolerances and improve already high quality levels, which brings additional benefit to customers. This project continues an investment cycle at Latrobe that began in 1992, creating a modern facility with efficient production capabilities from melt to finish."

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