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Timken Rolls Out New Product Size

13-inch round bars offer design, purchasing advantages

June 19, 2006 -- The Timken Co., a manufacturer of alloy and specialty steels and engineered bearings, is expandng its line of carbon and alloy steel round bars to maximum diameter of 13 inches.

According to Canton, OH-based Timken, this product has been developed for specific applications that require a consistent diameter along the full length of the bar. This design feature is seen as a significant improvement over cast ingots for cutting operations involving tight mult weights.

The company adds that its 13-inch round bar has more hot work capability and allows for a more aggressive upset than do cast ingots.

Timken is the only U.S. manufacturer of 13-in. round bar and is capable of producing lengths up to 26 feet, which may allow customers to handle less material and reduce material testing costs

"At Timken, we are focused on expanding our capabilities to improve our customers' performance," said Rick Brown, director of advanced product and new business development for Timken's Steel Group. "We listen to what customers want and then deliver the innovations that create real value."

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