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Timken Supplying Steel Bars to Frisa

Bars used to produce mandrels for ring rolling

The Timken Co. reports it is supplying hot-rolled steel bars to Mexican forger Frisa Aerospace.

Frisa Aerospace is a division of Frisa Industries in Monterrey, Mexico, which manufactures seamless rolled rings up to 230 in. OD, 36 in. high, and weighing up to 30,000 lb., for aerospace, chemical, and energy industry applications.

Frisa also operates the Ringmasters ring-rolling plant in Wayne, MI.

As detailed by Timken, it supplies 6-, 8-,and 10.5-in. steel bars that Frisa machines into mandrels. The mandrels are used to shape rings as they are hot rolled, requiring high-quality grade steels. Timken

Timken reports it supplies the steel bars to Frisa from its warehouse and distribution center near Mexico City.

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