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Turn-Key Forging & Design is One Year Old

Start-up forger operates modern facility in Elk Grove Village, IL

Turn-Key Forging & Design, Inc.,Elk Grove Village, IL, celebrated its first anniversary in January, having opened its 98,000 square foot state-of-the-art forging and design facility for business on January 2, 2004.

Forging machinery at Turn-Key includes three Chambersburg Impacters and two Lasco hydraulic hammers, with in-line induction heating systems and automated operations. The company manufactures parts from bars sizes as small as 9/16' up to a maximum of 2 3/4"diameters.

Turn-Key also anneals forgings in its own annealing furnaces, and provides secondary operations, such as bending, piercing, and/or hot coining to produce more complex or precise geometry. It also uses blast cleaning machines to remove scale.

All tooling is produced in the in-house die machining department equipped with high speed milling machines (for direct milling), CNC milling machines (for graphite electrodes), and die sinkers.

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