Ukraine Forger Earns Rail Wheels Contract

Interpipe to supply wheels to Greek railway company

Ukraine steel pipe and forgings producer Interpipe has been contracted by the Greek national railway company, Organismos Sidirodromon Ellados (OSE), to supply railway wheels for locomotives, passenger cars, and freight cars. The KLW brand wheels are being produced at Interpipe’s railway wheels shop in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

Interpipe will supply Greece with two types of wheels: 1,100-mm diameter wheels for locomotives; and 920-mm diameter wheels for passenger cars and freight trains. All of the products will be produced in compliance with Europes EN 13262 standard for railway products.

As reported by Interpipe, the contract is estimated to be worth of 7 million Euros ($8.8 million.)

“We have already had positive experiences in supplying wheels to Greece,” Interpipe director of sales for railway wheels Michael Iskov observed. “However, this contract is different. It has its own technical specifications, as web drilling for brakes must be executed with extreme accuracy. A delegation from Greece’s rolling-stock department visited the Interpipe NTRP mill in January and was pleased with the execution of the initial order. As a result, the contract for supplying railway wheels was signed”.

Interpipe is the world’s second-largest producer of forged railway wheels.

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