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The French Condat Group stated that buying and incorporating Renite Corp extends its range of lubricants for glass, forging and metal industries, and strengthens its diversification strategy in North America.

Condat Acquires Renite in Combo of Lubricant Developers

Complimentary products lines for hot forging lubrication, mold and die release, spray equipment

Condat Corp., the U.S. subisiary of French holding company Condat Group, has acquired Renite Corp. in a deal that “extends is range of lubricants for glass, forging, and metal industries and strengthens its diversification stratety in North America,” according to a statement.

The terms of the deal were not announced. Both are privately owned businesses.

Condat develops fire-resistant fluids, technical greases, metal forming lubricants, cutting fluids, and other industrial products used in forging, forming, and glassmaking.

Renite offers high-temperature industrial lubricants, including mold-release and die-release agents used in metal forming and glassmaking.

In addition to the shared business activities, in its announcement of the deal Condat cited the two companies’ “long-term vision” as a point of common understanding and participation.

 r these two family owned companies. It gets illustration in Condat’s main value ‘Build to last’. Condat’s philosophy has always been to improve the performance and safety of its lubricants mainly focused on customer satisfaction. Based on monitoring technological developments and research, Condat endeavors to invent tomorrow’s solutions in a perspective of sustainable development.

As for product lines, Renite’s specialty products for metal forming include solid lubricants (e.g., graphite) for hot mold and die surfaces. “Many Renite hot-working metal lubricants have the added advantage of being water-based, so as to reduce or eliminate the amount of smoke generated from burning of oils,” according to an announcement.

Condat forging lubricants boast “efficiency and high lubricity power on mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, hammers, horizontal press, and support the forming of materials such as steels and stainless steels, aluminum, brass or alloys of titanium, nickel, super alloys, ... to increase die lifetime and productivity.”

Condat’s forging product line includes water-based lubricants, graphite oils and greases, coatings, and protection products.

For customers, the consolidation of the two companies will mean a full portfolio of dedicated lubricants, maintenance lubricants, lubrication equipment (e.g., “for pumping, distribution, spraying, filtration, cleaning, dosing, blending and dilution”), safe products, and technical cooperation.

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