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MORE srl EAF sidewall burner MORE Srl
The M-ONE sidewall injection technology for EAFs combines injection for supersonic oxygen/carbon injection, pneumatic lime, and aluminum.

Finkl Steel Starts New EAF Treatment System

The MORE chemical injection system improves melting productivity, decreases electrical energy use

Chicago-based Finkl Steel has successfully adopted a new chemical energy package for its 110-mt electric arc furnace. Supplied by MORE S.r.l., the M-ONE sidewall injector system combines supersonic delivery of oxygen and carbon (via CNC-machined copper bulged blocks and FLASH-STOP system), pneumatic lime, and aluminum, for managing the EAF melting operation.

Finkl Steel is a producer of vacuum-processed steels for forging dies, plastic molds, diecasting tools, and alloy bars, as well as custom open-die forgings. The family-owned company was acquired by Schmolz + Bickenbach in 2007, and relocated from Chicago’s North Side to 44-acre site on the city’s South Side in 2008. It started up its electric melt shop there in 2011.

According to MORE, the sidewall injection package has achieved “excellent results … EAF operations have improved both in terms of productivity and overall process control, decreasing electric energy usage and power-on times."

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