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IPH Hannover forging tool 1 IPH-Hannover
With the new tool, bores can be pre-formed during the forging process. When the die moves down, sliders are driven horizontally into the hot steel billet, thus forming the area for the pin bore, i.e., the undercut. When the die moves up again, the sliders are driven back, and the forged part can be removed from the tool.

The Right Tool for Undercutting

In the course of developing multidirectional forging for steel pistons, IPH arrived at an optimal tool that makes one application more efficient and improves the quality of the finished parts

Improving manufacturing processes frequently is not the result of extensive, coordinated research, but of the insights the emerge incidentally in such efforts. Germany’s Institut für Integrierte Produktion Hannover gGmbH (an industrial research and consulting center) has previously focused its energy and resources on researching, developing, and improving a multidirectional forging process for automotive pistons in steel, which have design and performance advantages in fuel

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