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19th IFC Call For Papers

The 19th International Forging Congress Program Committee has defined topic areas for the 2008 conference, and issued a call for papers. The committee is requesting specific topics from various forging organizations and companies across the globe, six regional overviews (Southeast Asia, South America, Pacific Rim, Asia, North America and Europe), and 18 technical and management presentations.

Presentations in the following topic areas will be requested:
• Quick Die Change
• Automation Systems
• Die Lie Improvements
• Die Lubrication
• Equipment Technology
• Heating Systems
• Tooling Technology
• Predictive Maintenance Tools
• Supply Review
• Materials Development
The Call for Papers information is posted on and Individuals interested in presenting a paper at the conference must submit the following information in English by July 15, 2007, to [email protected] for the Program Committee's review: Paper Title; Abstract (200 words or more); Presenter Name; Company; Address; Phone; Fax; E-mail.

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