FIA Releases 2006 Industry Sales Figures

The Forging Industry Association (FIA) has released its final figures for the 2006 sales of metal forgings, produced for independent (custom) forging plants in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

This annual report is based on information compiled from companies believed to have produced an average of 92% of 2006's total custom forging sales.

The report is statistically treated to represent 100% of industry shipments in the custom forging industry. Figures quoted in the report do not include forgings produced for captive use or standard catalog products. Components produced by the cold forging process are also excluded from the report.

For custom impression-die forgings, total industr y shipments increased to $5,870,250,000 in 2006, an increase of 4% from 2005. Bookings of those orders increased 9% to $6,351,262,000, with the largest percentage coming from the automotive sector. The second largest sector was the aerospace sector, with an increase of 25.4% of the total number.

Total industry shipments of custom open-die forgings jumped 24% to $1,520,656,000, with an increase of 15% in bookings to $1,576,136,000. Construction, mining, and materials-handling equipment represent the leading markets with 18.4% of the total industry sales. Metal service centers were the second leading market, down to 11.2% from 11.8% in 2005.

The sector seing the greatest 2006 increase was custom seamless rolled-ring forgings, up 42% to $1,220,145,000, with orders up $1,310,612,000, 41% more than the 2005 total. Aerospace engines and engine parts account for the majority of those items produced, making up 50.6% of the market. Oilfield machinery and equipment ranked second.

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