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FIA Website Redesigned

FIA Website Redesigned

The Forging Industry Association has redesigned its website — — adding several new features.
• More user friendly navigation — the home page is cleaner, easier to navigate, and helps direct visitors to areas of interest to them.
• The newest technology — the new design is faster loading, and is accepted by all internet browsers.
• Better utilization of screen space — the new look expands automatically to fit the width of the user's screen, allowing for a better and more aesthetic use of space.
• "Cleaner" search engine results — the new search engine returns clearer and more relevant results.
• Timely presentation of topics, with rotating pictures featured on the home page, allows FIA to guide a visitor's attention to specific events, programs, and new topics of interest.

• New, easy to remember, three-digit members-only passwords help members to log-in and navigate. A members log-in option will be displayed on each page, and require only a password, making it easier and more convenient for members. Directions on obtaining a company's password are listed on the Members Only LogIn page.

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