FIERF Awards, Scholarships & Grants

With over $200,000 raised in research and education grants, FIERF announced those who will be receiving funds over the next year.

The Annual Finkl Scholarships were awarded to 14 university engineering students who are entering their junior years in the fall. The $2,000 scholarship is awarded per year during the junior and senior years. In total, 69 students have received the scholarship during the four-year existence of the scholarship.

Three $10,000 Graduate Fellowships were awarded, for the following research projects:

  • Design of Robust Temperature Specifications for Billet Induction Heating (Penn State University)
  • Effect of Nickel Content on Thermal Processing and Grain-Growth Characteristics of 4330 Alloys (Illinois Institute of Technology)
  • Forging Process Monitoring and Control through Feature Extraction of Tonnage Signals (Univ. of Michigan)

Additionally, three more projects have received $92,000 in funding:

  • 3 -D Temperature Control of Natural-Gas Fired Forging Heat Treat Furnace
  • Advanced Die Materials and Lubrication Systems to Reduce Die Wear in Hot and Warm Forging
  • Fatigue Performance Comparison and Life Prediction of Forged Steel and Ductile Cast Iron Crankshafts.
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