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Quintus QIH 286 M URC hot isostatic press Quintus Technologies
Stack Metallurgical Group will launch hot isostatic pressing this year with a new system at its Albany, OR, operation.

Aerospace Heat-Treater Adding HIP Processing

Large-dimension, high-capacity Quintus system to be installed at new Stack Metallurgical operation in Oregon

Stack Metallurgical Group in Portland, OR, is installing a Quintus Technologies Mega-HIP hot-isostatic press, expanding its current heat treating and metal processing portfolio. The QIH 286 M URC® system will have a large-capacity work zone (63x102 in. / 1,600 x 2,591 mm; diameter x height), which will allow Stack Metallurgical to densify large batches at 29,000 psi (2,000 bar) and a maximum operating temperature of 2280°F (1,250°C).

The QIH 286 M URC also incorporates Quintus Technologies’ proprietary uniform rapid cooling (URC) capability.

“As a new entrant into the HIP market, it was critical that we continue to have the ability to offer a premium combination of quality and delivery to our clients,” stated Stack Metallurgical CEO Doug Puerta.

Stack performs heat-treating and metal processing for critical parts to aerospace, medical implant, and power-generation manufacturers. According to Puerta, the QIH 286 Mega-HIP addresses the operation’s criteria for output quality, operational performance, and cost-effectiveness.

The URC capability allows all sections of the workpiece to cool uniformly, minimizing thermal distortion and non-uniform grain growth. Because the workpieces are heated and cooled only once per cycle, process efficiency and process costs are optimized.

Quintus Technologies also noted the Mega-HIP press offers savings in space, energy, and infrastructure investment for Stack.

The order includes full installation and commissioning at Stack’s new, 25,000-sq.ft. operation in Albany, OR, along with a five-year Quintus® Care agreement: Quintus Care service includes rapid remote diagnostics, guaranteed availability of spare and wear parts, and valuable support in tool design and forming processes.

“It is a very rigorous support and preventative maintenance program,” said Puerta.

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