SMS ring-rolling illustration SMS group
The SMS ring-rolling process rolls heated blanks radially to reduce wall thickness, for products up to 10,000 mm diameter.

Avic Guizhou Orders Second SMS Ring Roller

New machine will produce nickel- and titanium-alloy rings for jet engines

Avic Guizhou Anda Aviation Forging Co. Ltd. placed a contract for a new ring-rolling machine to be installed at its plant in Anshun, China. This is the second ring-rolling machine it has ordered from SMS group, which will install its type RAW 400(500)/200(250)-2500/800 DM model. Production will begin in mid 2019, according to SMS.

In 2003, SMS supplied a RAW 500/400-3000/700 ring-rolling machine.

SMS ring rolling machines produce rings by enlarging the diameter of heated ring blanks. The blanks are rolled radially using a main roll and a mandrel, to reduce wall thickness and expand the diameter. The process produces rings in various profiles and alloys from 100 to 10,000 mm diameter and 20 to 4,500 mm high.

The new machine for Avic Guizhou Anda Aviation will be capable of rolling seamless rings with diameters of up to 2,500 mm and a maximum height of 800 mm. It will operate with a maximum radial rolling force of 500 metric tons, and an axial force of up to 250 metric tons.

The supplier noted that Anda intends to produce rings in titanium- and nickel-based alloys for jet engine manufacturing.

Avic Guizhou Anda Aviation Forging produces forged rings and closed-die forgings in aluminum alloys, stainless steel, titanium alloys, and high-temperature alloys, among other material grades. It is a subsidiary of Avic Heavy Machinery, a holding company that supplies parts for manufacturers in domestic aerospace, automotive, motorcycle, and machinery manufacturing, as well as petroleum, electric power, mining, shipbuilding, railway, and energy, and industries.

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