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The Clintonville WI closeddie forger produces steel gear blanks hubs and spindles crankshafts and numerous other automotive parts
The Clintonville, WI, closed-die forger produces steel gear blanks, hubs and spindles, crankshafts, and numerous other automotive parts.

Award Highlights Progress at Walker Forge

25th annual award Recent expansion strategy

Walker Forge Inc. earlier this year earned the 2012 Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award, recognizing the company’s “strong employee culture, proud tradition of customer satisfaction,” and recent rapid growth, according to the presenters. The Manufacturer of the Year Award program recognizes the Wisconsin manufacturers of all sizes and industries for their contributions to the state. The award winners are selected by independent judges who represent industrial, educational, and public-sector interests.

The Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award is now in its 25th year. Walker Forge, in Clintonville, WI, was identified as the award-winner among large manufacturers (300-750 employees.)

Walker Forge is a is a closed-die steel forger that produces gear blanks, hubs and spindles, crankshafts, hypoid drive rings and pinions, driveline yokes, input/output shafts, engine mounts, suspension components, transmission components, and valve bodies and seats. In addition to its 10 mechanical forging presses, it has heat-treating and metallurgical testing capabilities. Its customers range among energy companies, defense manufacturers, agriculture equipment and automotive OEMs, power transmission and diesel engine producers, and other markets.

The award may be seen as a validation of Walker Forge’s recent expansion strategy, highlighted by its purchase of PMT Industries LLC in Surgoinsville, TN, in 2012. The latter, now called Walker Forge Tennessee, PMT manufactures high-alloy steel forgings for engine and chassis applications, including articulated and mono-type pistons, connecting rods, steering knuckles and control arms for cars, light trucks and SUVs, and steering knuckles for the heavy truck market.

 “Winning this prestigious award is a tremendous achievement and a testament to our employees’ commitment to our customers, our company and each other,” president and CEO Willard T. Walker stated, at the time of the award presentation. “Our philosophy has always been that our people are our greatest asset, and it’s clear they’ve played a critical role in our recent growth and success.”

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