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DMLS process close-up Getty
Direct metal laser-sintering (DMLS) converts metal powder to three-dimensional shapes according to a CAD model.

Carpenter Forms 3DP Business Unit

New additive manufacturing subsidiary offers spectrum of products, services

Carpenter Technology Corp. is forming a new business unit for additive manufacturing materials and products. Carpenter Additive will build upon the group’s reputation as a powder metals supplier, in addition to its role as a producer of specialty metal long products, as well as forgings.

“From powder production to manufacturing and finishing parts, the full spectrum of our capabilities is what differentiates Carpenter Additive from the rest of the AM industry,” stated CEO Tony R. Thene.

Earlier this year Carpenter announced production of a new titanium powder for 3D printing, Cartech® Puris 5+, a custom alloy Carpenter described as an “industry first”, created for maximum reusability and material strength.

Carpenter had acquired titanium powder metal producer Puris LLC in 2018 for $35 million. Also this year, Carpenter bought MB CalRAM LLC, a producer of metal parts using powder-bed fusion additive manufacturing in Camarillo, CA.

More recently, Carpenter purchased LPW Technology, a U.K.-based specialty producer of off-the-shelf, additive manufacturing-grade aluminum, cobalt, copper, titanium, and steel alloys for SLM, LMD, EBM, and DMLS processes. LPW also supplies a line of premium powders and handling equipment, called PowderLife.

Thus, the capabilities for the Carpenter Additive unit include engineered, gas atomized powders; metal powder lifecycle management technology; finished component production; integrated AM and R&D operations; and industrial-scale AM and post-processing capabilities.

“We are revolutionizing how customers approach this disruptive technology by offering end-to-end solutions through an array of technical expertise, powder production, parts production, and material lifecycle management,” Thene added.

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