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Documenting Forgers’ Reviews and Previews

The 2016 FORGING Business Outlook Survey documents the opinions of individuals responsible for North America’s forging operations.

Data has transformed manufacturing into a high-tech business, and we turn to data to define the conditions and prospects of North America’s forging industry as 2015 ends — and 2016 approaches.

We conduct the annual FORGING Business Outlook survey every September and October, surveying readers to measure the views of men and women responsible for North America’s forging operations. We seek to identify the problems they face in the economy, in their markets, and in their businesses. We also seek to learn what plans they're making for the coming business cycle, and to understand better they're expectations for the year ahead.

In the fall of 2015 we surveyed readers by email over a period of six weeks, with a detailed study that focused on their forging businesses, their activities and prospects, and the internal and external factors shaping their strategies. Their perspective is valuable not only because of their insights and their experience, but because they occupy positions that are critical (perhaps essential) to the prospects of so many other elements of the global industrial economy.

Read the accompanying analysis of this survey here.

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