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SMS MP closed-die, dongfeng SMS group
The MP series of closed-die presses has been redesigned to reduce the labor and costs involved in maintenance and inspection work.

Dongfeng Forging Orders SMS Closed-Die Press

5,000-mt eccentric forging machine will produce light-truck crankshafts

SMS group is under contract now to design and build a 5,000-metric ton closed-die machine for Dongfeng Forging Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of commercial-vehicle manufacturer Dongfeng Motor Group, operating at Shiyan, Hubei Province, China.

That plant has a total of 26 forging lines in operation now, including a 12,000-mt wedge press supplied by SMS. Commissioning is scheduled for Q2 2020, according to the developer.

The MP 5000 eccentric forging press, delivering a forging force of 5,000 metric tons (50 MN), will be used to manufacture light-truck crankshafts with a maximum finished weight of 21.5 kg.

In addition to the press, SMS will provide process development services; sequence-controlled loading and unloading belt conveyors; an electrically operated, automatic walking-beam for parts handling; and an integrated die-spraying system.

SMS also will supply a line control system to connect other equipment units, such as a heating system.

As an "eccentric" press design, the MP 5000 has "extremely large" windows in the press housing (designed according to finite-element modeling, according to the developer) to ensure the automation systems are accurate and reliable, including during die and die-holder changing.

SMS explained that the MP series has been extensively redesigned, with various improvements made to reduce the labor and costs involved in maintenance and inspection work.

"This primarily includes the use of an almost maintenance-free, low- noise electrohydraulic coupling and brake,” SMS stated. “The hydraulic single ejectors in the table and ram can be individually operated for each forming station. In addition, the ram adjustment device that, in automatic mode, enables a ram adjustment of 0.1 mm between two strokes was improved on the drive side."

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