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Seakeeper 3 gyro stabilizer Seakeeper
Seakeeper manufactures a series of gyro stabilizer anti-roll devices, designed "to virtually eliminate boat roll on vessels 30 ft. and larger."

Ellwood Texas Forge Navasota Launches Marine Product Line

Closed-die forgings for near-net-shape flywheels, part Seakeeper gyro stabilizer systems

Ellwood Texas Forge Navasota LLC is producing a new series of closed-die forgings for Seakeeper Inc., as part of that company’s line of marine stabilization devices. The forgings include several finish-machined flywheels that are part of the gyro stabilizer system, which is installed by boat owners and operators to cut down "95% of all ‘boat roll’, the rocking motion that causes sea sickness, anxiety and fatigue."

Ellwood Closed Die GroupEllwood Texas Forge - Seakeeper - flywheel

ETFN is producing near-net-shape forgings to form flywheels for a Seakeeper gyro stabilizers.

Seakeeper introduced its first gyro device in 2008, and now has series of models for a range of boat sizes.

Ellwood Texas Forge Navasota is one of two closed-die forging companies in the Ellwood Group Inc. Along with Ellwood Texas Forge, in Houston, the Ellwood Closed Die Group includes a 16,000-ton screw press; a computer-controlled 80 meter-ton counter-blow hammer; and a computer-controlled 11,000-ton multi-ram hydraulic press. It also has a range hammer presses, smaller hydraulic presses, and mechanical presses for forging near-net-shap closed die forgings in carbon, alloy, and stainless steel, and nickel and titanium alloys.

Both forging plants also have in-house die sinking, cutting, heat-treatment, testing and machining capabilities.

As detailed by Ellwood Closed Die Group, ETFN works with materials melted at Ellwood Quality Steel (EQS) and formed by Ellwood City Forge (ECF), then heats and further forms those products using hammer and press-die forging equipment at ETFN to produce the near net shaped forgings.

After heat treatment and processing, these forgings rough machined, NDT tested for quality, and finish machined to the final tolerances.

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