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GKN Driveline eTwinsterX eAxle GKN Driveline
GKN Driveline’s eTwinsterX eAxle will have an integrated coaxial format, allowing a smaller size than other electric drivelines, with equivalent power outputs

GKN Offers New eDrive Technology, Will Build New Plant

More modern operation will replace the current manufacturing operation in Japan by mid-2018.

GKN PLC introduced a new electric driveline it emphasized is “significantly smaller” than conventional electric drivelines, as well as highly efficient, with relevant advantages for vehicle stability, agility and safety.

In addition to the new ‘eTwinsterX’ eAxle, the GKN Driveline division announced a plan to establish a new manufacturing plant in Tokoname City, Japan, to produce all-wheel drive (AWD) systems and rear-drive modules (RDMs), with advanced technologies like electronic disconnect capability and torque vectoring.

Groundbreaking is scheduled this month for the replacement to the current Tokoname City plant. It is scheduled to be complete by the middle of 2018.

The eTwinsterX eAxle has an integrated coaxial format, allowing a smaller size than other electric drivelines, with equivalent power outputs. The design also contributes to its adaptability to any vehicle type, from cars to SUVs, front-wheel, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive. More than that, the eTwinsterX system can be applied to off-road capabilities.

GKN’s eTwinsterX system can be used as the primary drive in full electric vehicles, or as the secondary drive in plug-in hybrid vehicles, to create a ‘split-axle’ driveline.

According to Peter Moelgg, CEO of GKN Driveline’s AWD and eDrive business: “eTwinsterX will deliver unrivalled capabilities for the next generation of electric vehicles. It takes multiple award-winning elements from our GKN driveline portfolio and applies the principles in a single state-of-the-art electrified system.”

Moelgg emphasized that GKN is a “complete systems integration partner,” able to deliver an integrated e-motor, two-speed electrified transmission and torque vectoring within a complete eAxle system.

The GKN Driveline eTwinsterX functional system that will appear in demonstrator vehicles starting later this year.

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