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Metaldyne Group Revamps Exec Team

Metaldyne Group Revamps Exec Team

Grede Holdings CEO tapped to lead Metaldyne Performance Group portfolio Casting, forging organizations combined “Impressive” leadership

Douglas Grimm, president and chief operating officer of Metaldyne Performance Group Inc.

Metaldyne Performance Group Inc., the holding company formed in 2014 to manage Grede Holdings LLC, Metaldyne LLC, and HHI Group Holdings LLC (the first a ferrous foundry group, the latter two both automotive forging groups) has parted ways with Thomas Amato, a longtime executive with the Metaldyne organization. MPG explained Amato left the company to pursue other interests.

Douglas Grimm, previously the CEO of Grede Holdings and co-president of the MPG organization was named president and chief operating officer, with responsibility for all operating activities of the various MPG businesses.  

Thomas Amato

Amato was named chairman and CEO of Metaldyne in 2007, and co-CEO of Asahi Tec, at that time the parent company of Metaldyne. Metaldyne forges connecting rods, crankshafts, gears, valve bodies, and various other component parts for light vehicles. After Asahi Tec sold the business in 2008, Amato directed a turnaround that resulted in a subsequent purchase by an investment group.

American Securities is the private-equity group that owned Metaldyne LLC and executed the 2014 acquisition and consolidation of the Grede and HHI organizations.

Amato had been co-president of MPG and president and CEO of Metaldyne LLC. Previous to that role, he was chairman, president, and CEO of the independent Metaldyne organization; co-CEO and executive officer of Asahi Tec Corp.; v.p. - corporate development for TriMas Corp.; director of corporate development for MascoTech Inc.; engineering group leader for Imperial Chemical Industries; and a member of the General Motors Corp. engineering team.

“On behalf of the MPG board, we would like to thank Tom for his leadership and contributions to Metaldyne and MPG,” stated Kevin Penn, chairman.  “I met Tom in 2012 during the process through which American Securities acquired Metaldyne, and we have always been impressed with his leadership style. 

“Tom was instrumental in the creation of MPG, taking on the additional role of chief integration officer, in which he did a terrific job bringing together the companies,” Penn continued. “We would like to thank him for his efforts, commitment, and dedication.”

In addition to the Grimm appointment, MPG named Russell Bradley as its executive vice president of sales, with responsibility for coordinating the sales efforts of the operating divisions. 

“Doug and Russ are both highly-accomplished industry executives and have been instrumental in leading their legacy companies’ growth over the past decade,” stated George Thanopoulos, CEO of MPG.

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