Lefere Forge hammer press Vimeo
Lefere Forge, Jackson, MI, has 10 hammer forging presses, 3,000- to 10,000-lbs. capacity.

Michigan Closed-Die Forger Announces Closing

Lefere Forge statement cites finances, labor shortage for shutdown decision

Lefere Forge in Jackson, MI, a hammer-forging producer of carbon and alloy steel hubs, gears, spindles, and parts from 5 to 160 lbs., has announced its plan to close. The family-owned business was started in 1929, but now is beset by financial challenges and "a continuing labor shortage," according to an email sent to stakeholders earlier this month.

The plant has 10 hammer forging presses from 3,000- to 10,000-lbs. capability, with a die shop and CNC finishing capability.

The closing will take place "within the next four weeks," that same message indicated, but the company has not confirmed its schedule.

Michigan Works Southeast, state-supported regional employment and training agency indicated that 60 workers will be affected by the closing.

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